C of Peril - the book

A lot of the software produced by PLDaniels Software is written in the language 'C'. As most programmers are aware, C is not the ideal language to be coding in if you do not have your mind about you. Programs written in C form perhaps the majority of applications found to be exploitable. Most of the reason that C sourced applications are so expliotable is that C requires so many extra lines of code to handle exceptional data.

The book, 'C of Peril' is a short book which attempts to describe some of the most prevalent issues present in C and how to address and avoid them.

Please note that while this book is free, it is Copyright to PLDaniels, that is to say, you may not redistribute it aside from advertising this link, you may not claim it as your own work, you may not ammend the text and claim the thus derived book as your work. Donated ammendments will be suitably mentioned in the CHANGELOG and the book itself as deemed appropriate.

Additional Notes
  • As yet this book is incomplete, most likely contains spelling mistakes and may have some faults in the code samples. I doubt the book will ever be complete because people are always finding wonderful new ways of abusing C.
  • I've written this book in my spare time, covering items which I've stumbled on, hence the expanse of content may not be as wide as it could be.
  • The book is written using LyX, an easy to use document generator if you're not interested in working with LaTeX directly.
  • This book is available as a free download to all people. It is anticipated sometime in the future that it will be produced in a hard-copy format for people wishing to purchase it and put on their bookshelves.

  • If you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or even just feedback, please do so at pldaniels [at/@] pldaniels.com

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