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PCB (Printed Circuit Board) making tutorial - no soak required

If you have one of the newer "laser" printers that are now available (usually for about $99) you'll find that the toner/iron/soak method just doesn't work very well due to the lack of surplus toner.

There is a solution at hand, instead of using normal porous paper, we use the slippery backing paper used for adhesive label sheets.

For a very long time I've always been interested in electronics, before I can even remember things properly I can remember decoding resistor values from a chart while at one of my relatives' houses to make a small radio. These days I'm designing and sharing electronics as the needs come to head. A lot of the work I do here is driven by my other hobbies, especially the Model Aircraft hobby.

Over time I'll be adding more and more projects to this page, call them OpenSource if you will (or OpenHardware), as there's so many projects that I've learned things from because of other people sharing that it's the "right thing to do" in my opinion. Most of the projects, if they require a microcontroller will be using Atmel AVRs. AVRs are similar in concept to the commonly known PIC (by Microchip) but in my personal opinion the AVRs are a superior solution for most situations.