Here's a small collection of photos from my recently started ( December 2002 ) aquarium addiction ( after a hiatus of 8 years ).

Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos are taken with an Olypus C1000L Digital camera ( 1024x768, 3x optical zoom, 43mm dia lens )

  • 07-Dec-03

    Local lizard

  • 26-Sep-03

    Photos of tank in new house. After several weeks of turmoil, I've finally got some bad pictures of the tank in its new position in the new house in Charters Towers. Unfortunately for the fish, the water here is very hard and alkaline - looks like a job of reverse osmosis or evaporative/distillation methods. In the next few weeks I'll be experimenting on various methods of harnessing the sun's tremendous energy (believe me, here in Charters Towers you can fry eggs in the bare sun!)

  • 02-Sep-03

    Some arbitary pictures of the cardinals swimming around in the 20g

  • 20-Aug-03

    More pictures of the new 20g. Alas, some are blurry, because I wasn't sitting right - I also generally didn't use the flash

  • 19-Aug-03

    Newly built hood for the 20g tank. I spent most of yesterday building up a new hood for the 20g tank. This hood is designed so that it's closed all around, with removable tops. Also, to the side and inside, all the electrical connections/plugs etc are concealed. I just need to clean up the surface and put a few layers of varnish into it.

  • 09-Aug-03

    Redone 18" tank for baby angel and ram. After sending off my killi fish to the 20g community tank to live out their last days, I setup the tank to accomodate the young ram and angel. On an interesting note - this morning I found about 4 freshly hatched fry swimming at the water surface. I have no idea what the fry are of, but they either came from the main tank where I pulled the javamoss from, or, they came from the twisted val I bought from the LFS the other day, I guess time will tell (if they grow up).

  • 10-Jul-03

    Cute pictures of the Angel and ram baby. On a less plesant note - the male ram today seems to have fallen ill to some bacterial aliment, he has been placed in a seperate container along with some medication.

  • 08-Jul-03

    Todays pictures of the ram tank. A water replacement of about 50 percent has made taking photographs easier again. I really need to learn to change the water more frequently.

  • 29-Jun-03

    Ram tank again - with baby angel and lots of plant growth

  • 02-May-03

    The Golden rams and their fry swimming around. On a positive note - the ram fry are actually eating finely crushed flake, which is a huge bonus, no more needing to meddle with [relatively] difficult live foods.

  • 23-Apr-03

    Some more photos of my rams and Killifish. Of particular note today is that the baby ram has finally been captured on 'film'. Other events today include the angels having laid another batch of eggs.

  • 17-Mar-03

    Great Killi and Ram photos

  • 16-Mar-03

    More Killi Pics

    The angel fry are now in their 'wriggler' stage ( not much more than an egg with a little tail at the moment ). I didn't care to take photos today of them fry as the parents were looking a little bit 'edgy' and hence I didn't want to give them more reason to consume the batch ( not that they have actually ever done so ). Unfortunately, what will seem to be a cruel twist of timing, it would seem that the fry will become free-swimming at such a time that I will not be around to feed them.

    On another note, I did take some photos of my rams in their refurbished tank. Photos are here

  • 14-Mar-03

    Joy o joy, the angel fish have laid more eggs, the batch looks just as big, completely covering one of the leaves of an anubias.hybrid. I managed to take a couple of quick photos of the pair tending over the eggs.

  • 13-Mar-03

    The angel fish seem to be getting restless and the female certainly looks gravid again, so, as a precaution I'm removing the golden rams out of the 20g tank and putting them back into the newly refurbished 18" tank. Fortunately, it seems apart from occasionally chasing away the young single fry, the parents are not interested in eating the last remaining baby. As a side note, the otocinclus cats are exceptionally active since the rearrangement of the tank.

  • 11-Mar-03

    Last night the golden rams laid their eggs, however all were gone by 10am this morning. The rams just do not seem to their lay their eggs in a 'reasonable place' or they simply get over run by the pleco / vacuum-cleaner. I will soon put my adult rams back into their refurbished 18" tank in a hope that they'll settle back down and deliver a nice set of fry once more.

    After speaking with various people on IRC the other night, it has been decided that the killi fish I have are in fact not Nothobranchius, but rather something more akin to Fundopanchax.Gardnier. I've addeded more photos in the hope that someone can conclusively identify them. - UPDATE The search is off, the good people of the American Killi Association mailing list have identified the little fellows as being of Rachovi pyropunctata. Now I just have to work out how to best serve these little things.

  • 08-Mar-03

    Cleaned out the 18" tank which I used to hold the golden ram fry in [ which contained 1 fry and 2 otocinclus's ] and gave it a 'redesign'. I'll take photos of the new setup in a few days once things have settled down ( right now it looks a little sparse ). For photos today I took some of Uggy (Pleco) protecting his clutch of green peas.

    Some people have asked about my photos, mostly complimented me on the nice appearance of the plants and such, however, I feel that perhaps the 'closeups' can be a bit misleading, so, I'm presenting here a set of photos of my tanks in the full just so you can see that it's not really all that glamorous.

  • 07-Mar-03

    Alas, the angel babies are almost all gone, it seems the other tank inhabitants aren't too keen on being pushed around for days on end and have since started to enjoy the odd snack on angel fry. There are four (4) fry left as I write this.

    On a better note, I bought my killi fish a decent tank today, another 18" tank. It's amazing how different fish can appear when viewed through glass rather than plastic shoeboxes! Here's some photos of the species of killi I've managed to raise. ( Some good photos here of the killis

  • 04-Mar-03

    A glorious sight this morning, the angel fry are swimming and not being sucked into the filter :-). Here's a set of photos

  • 03-Mar-03

    The fry are still not swimming but they most certainly have 'changed' overnight. Now there is very little yoke sack and they're looking more like baby fish. Here's a couple more pictures sorry about the bad quality.

  • 02-Mar-03

    The angel fish have finally grown up and laid their first batch of eggs. Amazingly they have been excellent parents and the fry are almost at the free-swimming stage. Here are a few pictures

  • 23-Jan-03
    Things have been rather quiet as of late. The only interesting news is that I purchased five (5) rummynose tetras to put into the 2.5' tank. Additionally, i've moved the webcam to now show off the growing killi fish.

    Todays Photos

  • 19-Jan-03
    Bought two new plants today, as well as a plant book ( can never have enough books! ). This time the purchase was of a plant called 'Cellophane Sword'. They're a nice looking sword, light green in colour. They're visible in todays photo collection.

    On a not so good note, I found that I was missing yet another neon today. After much searching I found the front half of the said neon floating at the top of the tank tucked away in a weeded corner. Obviously some others ( no one's mentioning the angel's names ) had a bit of a nibble. The question remains though of "Why did the neon die?". The angels are still too small to be able to be chomping on live neons ( at least I think so ). All the remaining neons (7) are looking perfectly healthy.

  • 18-Jan-03
    Two new milestones today for my various fry. First one is that the Northobranchius killi's are now eating adult frozen brine shrimp - I can see another massive growth accelleration coming up. The killi fry are now up to 1" long ( with the smallest still being no more than 1/2" ). Secondly, the ram fry finally are accepting microworms. Previously the ram fry would just watch the worms wriggle by and not take a lot of notice. I found that an easy way to collect microworms off the side of the culture container is to use a peice of silicone air tubing. Normal plastic tubing probably will not suffice as it does not have that 'clinging' feel about it.

  • 17-Jan-03
    Nothing altogether interesting going on in the fish world today, I even walked out of the LFS without buying anything *shock* ( even the staff were checking to see if I was okay ). Here's some photos of the ram fry, I hope that I've not blinded them with the flash.

    Ram fry photos for 17 Jan, 2003

  • 16-Jan-03
    Some photos of the oto's and fry

  • 15-Jan-03
    Added a pair of adult otolincus catfish into the ram fry tank - insane? perhaps. Trouble was that the plants in the tank were getting overgrown with algae, so, while the fry do enjoy gnawing on the algae whilst avoiding the hydra ( fry really do not like being stung by the hydra arms ), I decided they have gotten to the point where they ( the fry ) are capable of living off freeze dried brine shrimp now. For added security I also mix in a little bit of liquifry as well to the brine, just to cater for some of those fry which may not yet be able to get their mouths around a brine shrimp.

  • 13-Jan-03
    Finally got the fry-cam setup in a reasonable place. Lots of fun that was. The computer I was using to do it kept on deciding to have kernel-panics ( linux ) which turned out to be an overheating CPU, due to an internal jumper-setting being wrong ( oh the joys ). Anyhow, the webcam is now visible.

    Here's a picture of the webcam in its 'setup' position

  • 12-Jan-03
    Took out the cherry barbs and the zebra danios from the main tank. Replaced with more neon tetras. Unfortunately, one of the tetras I got had a S-back with a lot of scales missing - it died this morning.

    The ram fry are still going strong, none seem to have died off and all of them seem to have rather well filled bellies.

    Photos of the day are of the newly arranged main tank.
    photos here

  • 11-Jan-03
    Thankfully things are stabilizing, the numbers of fry have remained the same ( pretty much ) since I took the parents out. Additionally, the fry are staying in a group formation and moving from corner to corner in the tank. This is great news for me, as well as making feeding easier. Currently I'm feeding them diluted Liquifry, dropped in with a length of tube, this ensures that the liquifry doesn't dissapate over the entire surface of the water. Some people have said that this is what it is supposed to do, which is fine if you want it to do that, but given that the fry are located as a group, it's far more effective to be able to localise the distribution of the food.

    I've purchased 5 more neon tetras today, namely to replace the cherry barbs and zebra danios I handed back to the local fish store yesterday. One of the neons unfortunately has an S-back and missing a lot of scales.

  • 10-Jan-03
    After loosing about 100 of the fry ( from an original count of ~170 ), I have decided to remove the parents from the 18" ram tank. I suspect the large losses are due to the parents being very cautious with their fry, unfortunately preventing them [the fry] from being able to get access to enough food. The fry simply are too small to feed brine shrimp or even microworms to. If you go by the 'eyeball' size for food then newly hatched ram fry simply need something a lot smaller. I suggest using the Liquifry food for a week or egg yoke.

    To make the introduction of the parent rams into the main (2.5 foot) tank a little less traumatic, I rearranged the main tank and added in a set of crypto plants as well as a particularly nice red lilly like plant ( I'll get the proper names soon... as well as some pictures). The angel fish have not taken all too kindly to the introduction of more fish into their realm ( despite having removed 5 cherry barbs and 3 zebra danios ). If all goes well, then the parent rams won't have to reside in there for all too long.

  • 06-Jan-03
    Finally! The ram fry are now free swimming. The parents of course are going insane due to the fry getting 'all over the place'. Last night I removed the only other tank inhabitant, the Panda Cory, which is now in the 'main tank'.

  • 05-Jan-03
    • The rams have moved their fry again to another new spot, located within a thick bush of plants, so thick that I cannot get photos of the fry any more. I presume them to be free-swimming very soon, either late tonight or tommorow morning
    • Male golden ram, close up, no flash, so natural colours are showing here
    • ditto above, except for the female

  • 04-Jan-03 - Golden Ram photos

  • 03-Jan-03 - Golden Ram photos

  • 02-Jan-03 - Golden Rams and main tank

  • 01-Jan-03

  • 31-12-02 For a new year celebration, my Golden Rams have spawned in their 10gal tank
  • 28-12-02 Female golden ram inspecting possible spawning site
  • 27-12-02 Anubias hybrid in main tank
  • 18" Golden Ram tank
  • Main tank photos for Dec 21, 2002
  • Tiger-patterened silver angel
  • One-third black angel
  • Added an Anubias ( Anubias afzelii ) on log to the 10 gallon ram tank
  • 13th December 2002 - New blue rams + panda cory
  • Java Fern
  • Anubias Nana
  • Main tank ( 2.5 ft )