QFII-AG36D on grass

Recommended accessories

BAC / Switchjack combo

2S Lipo

The QuickFlick-II was originally designed to be a simple construction balsa built up DLG. After numerous prototypes the QuickFlick-II has finally lived up to that dream. The QFII is an Australian design, originating from inland North Queensland.

The latest incarnation of the QuickFlick-II is the QFII-AG36D, with the Mark Drela AG36 airfoil and dihedral wingform.


  • Span: 1270mm/50"
  • Weight: 195~220g (7~8oz)
  • Section: Mark Drela AG36
  • Construction: Balsa build up with Carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcements
  • Typical launch heights: 110~120ft (Advanced build), 90~100ft (light build)
  • Typical flight times: 60~70 seconds in dead air from a good launch


Build Manuals:

  • Build manual in PDF format (currently a work in progress, over 70 pages so far) Here [8MB]


  • Plans for the QuickFlick-II Here

Kits to buy:

Discussion Links:

  • RCGroups discussion Here
  • OLD RCGroups QuickFlick discussion (no longer fully relevant) Here

Build Albums:

If you're a kit maker or laser cutting service company looking to licence the QuickFlick-II rights, please email us at nqrc2008@pldaniels.com

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