Welcome to alterMIME

What's alterMIME about?

alterMIME is a small program which is used to alter your mime-encoded mailpack.

What can alterMIME do?

  • Insert disclaimers
  • Insert arbitary X-headers
  • Modify existing headers
  • Remove attachments based on filename or content-type
  • Replace attachments based on filename


There are numerous ways of contacting me, here's a quick rundown.


  1. How can I make alterMIME work with Postfix
  2. It doesn't insert the disclaimer on all emails!
    There are many MIME formats/quirks which perhaps aren't all yet dealt with. If you think you have a new quirk, and you have some C coding experience, then have a go at hacking the source, else provide a complete example in email to the author including;
    • Original mailpack
    • Disclaimer(s) used
    • Command line configuration used
    • Description of the problem
alterMIME takes a lot of time, effort and work to work on, even basic support emails chew up time (and really, I don't have the time to answer support emails). If you find alterMIME useful then consider making a donation to keep the project alive and improving.