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Operating SystemOld/HistoricStableLatest Build
Contains the latest features in testing but might include extra bugs
Windows 7, 8 and 10
macOS 10.10+
Linux FlexBV-R1060-linux.tar.gz FlexBV-R1115-linux.tar.gz FlexBV-R1468-linux.tar.gz
FlexBV R1328+ Features
OpenBoardData integration Community collective data project for providing board level measurements. Multimeter data capture also supported from supported meters
Improved international character support Filenames/paths with extended characters supported, including Windows UTF16
macOS 10.13 HighSierra base-level shift The baseline macOS support has been moved from Yosemite to HighSierra in order to support the new features

FlexBV R1197+ Features
Improved shape rendering Two pad parts such as caps, resistors, and diode are now rendered with rectangular pads for more realism
Part colour assignments Parts can now be coloured based on their type; allows for easier differentiation between caps, resistors and diodes etc

FlexBV R1145+ (unstable) Features
Improved Part Find facility Part find search facility has been greatly improved and now works more reliably with multiple parameter search

FlexBV R1127+ (unstable) Features
Support for OpenBoardData OpenBoardData is a diagnostics overlay dataset providing diode, voltage and resistance readings for various boards.

FlexBV R1115+ New Features
Support for BVRe formatted files added BVR files with the header BVR3E001 signature
Licence file import option Too alleviate keyboard/international differences, FlexBV will now generate a downloadable licence file that can be loaded, rather than typed in

FlexBV R1024+ New Features
Butterfly View See both sides of the board simultaniously, including the netweb spanning across both, making it easier to visualise the connections between the parts.
macOS Retina Support Take advantage of the high DPI screens provided with Macbooks for crisper rendering of boards and schematics
User defined keys Configure FlexBV to use the keys you prefer for most functions.
Colour themes Create your own PCB colour themes, it's now easy with the new Colour preferences menu to make PCBs look more how you want
More file formats supported It is now possible to read common EDA tool export formats, meaning you can create and share boardviews for other people working on production jobs
  • FAB / Fabricator / Fabmaster : Eagle, Allegro
  • HYP / Hyperlynx : Eagle, OrCAD
  • CAD / GenCAD : KiCAD
  • ODB / Compact ODB++ (single file, there's a lot of options for this format, not all supported)
  • PCB / PCBDOC : Altium Designer, Protel 99 ASCII
PDF Copy-paste supported for searching Easier now to search for what you're looking for
PDF Internal-search of existing item (ctrl + right click) Lets you search for other occurences of a string occurence within the PDF without having to manually type in the search text or jump from the Boardview