Model Aircraft construction and associated videos

A picture may convey a thousand words but a video can sometimes do a lot more than that. Below is a collection of videos which I hope will be of some informative value to you.

Please be aware, we use the Ogg Theora video codec here. It is as efficient as DivX and is not encumbered by patents or licence fees. If you don't have a copy of the CODEC yet, then you can try the following sources;

Video Name and details Links
Shaping the trailing edge on a QFII wing using a razor plane
This short video demonstrates how to razor-plane down the trailing edge on a balsa built up wing. Notice how the width of the wood curl becomes larger as the trailing edge comes to being finished.

Audio track is by Sonnerie: Handel Sonata No. 2 in G minor (Allegro), available at

Trailing Edge Planer Flash video stream
trailingedge-planer-HQ.ogg 4MB, 360x288
trailingedge-planer-LQ.ogg 2MB, 240x192
Using laminating film (Doculam) for model aircraft
This 2min 40sec long video demonstrates how using laminating film is quite similar to using normal plastic films with modelling.

Audio track is by Brad Sucks - I think I've started a trend, available at

Laminating film Flash video stream
laminating-film-HQ.ogg 7.1MB, 360x288
laminating-film-LQ.ogg 4.0MB, 240x192

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