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About this video

As an alternative to normal model aircraft covering films, Laminating film, sometimes sold under the brand name of doculam, is a low cost, durable and paintable shrink iron-on covering that is available at almost any large office store or supplier. A single roll of 1.5mil / 37 micron film will last you a lot of models, considering it costs not a lot more than $30 for a roll (150m) it represents excellent value. For models up to 1.5m span or 15oz we recommend 1.5mil, for up to .40 glow size type planes we suggest 3mil film which is very durable. Typically laminating film comes in paired rolls, so consider getting someone else to purchase a roll with you.

Here's a short comparison guide between traditional heat shrink coverings and laminating film

  • 1.5mil Laminating film === Solarfilm or Solarfilm lite
  • 3.0mil Laminating film === Monokote
You can paint laminating film using acrylics. Some people suggest roughing up the surface slightly with 000 steel wool to help give the acrylic a bit more "bite".