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Club racing on a budget doesn't get much easier than this!

Designed as an introduction to the fun sport of club racing, the Slipso400 can accomodate motors up to the classic speed-400 can size and battery packs up to a 7 cell 2/3A.

The Slipso400 has a 6mm solid balsa wing covered with doculam or fiberglass. The fuselage is made of balsa sheet and formers and subsequently covered in fiberglass using water-based polyurethane clear varnish.


  • Wingspan: 750mm
  • Length: 555mm
  • Flying weight: 350~450g
  • Motor: 6V Speed 400 brushed can motor or Hacker B20-40-15L for serious speed.
  • Suggested Prop: APC 4.5x4.2 - 4.75 x 4.75
  • Suggested Battery: 2S1800 - 2S2200mA lipo
  • Controls: Ailerons, Elevator and Throttle
  • Construction: Solid balsa wing with paper and laminating film covering. Shaped sheet-box fuselage covered with 2oz fiberglass cloth, sealed with water based polyurethane.

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Known Existing Powerplant configurations
PLDGWS EM380/400 brushed motorGWS ICS480Li2S2200-12C lipoAPC 4.74x4.75Long flight times, up to 80km/hr flight speed, cheap setup which can be handled even at full throttle with relative ease. Can be a little bit heavy, suggest dropping to 1500~1800mA lipo
TheDon400H (3500kV)Phoenix 25A3S-2100 Prolite3.75 x 5.5 APC (Cut and reshaped from 4.75 x 5.5APC Prop)6~7 minute flight times with 120mph top speeds