jslice - developed by Paul L Daniels (C) 2000

Welcome to jslice

  • I am looking for people to help develop a GUI for Jslice, preferably in GTK
    If you feel you can help, contact me here at pldaniels@pldaniels.com

  • NEWS - 21/10/2000 - jslice v1.1.0 (development) released.
    Jslice now can work on any file format supported by ImageMagick including PNG and JPEG.
  • 12/07/2000 - jslice v1.0.0 stable released (v0.1.3 reversioned).

  • 28/06/2000 - jslice v0.1.3 released, check the changes file here.
  • jslice has been written to assist in the development of graphic intensive WWW pages, requring a single large JPEG/PNG image to be broken down into slices and placed into a table in order to facilitate the activation of various parts of the image, either as Javascript items or hyperlinks.

So, what do I need to use it?

Okay, now read the README file and the INSTALL

So, now I have it installed, what next?

  • To use jslice, you need the following items...
    1. a jpeg splash picture
    2. a list of coordinates of all your slices and links

    run the jslice program...

    jslice -i splash.jpg -p splash -c splash.slices -q 80 > splash.html

    You will now have one new jpeg file per slice that you specified, with a filename prefix of "splash", ie splash001.jpg. Your HTML code will be stored in splash.html, you should be able to view the splash.html file from your browser and see that in fact the picture looks "whole". Viewing the HTML source code will reveal the reality of course that the picture is really a collection of smaller slices.
Well, that's all nice and stuff, but can you show an example of a page which has been "jsliced"

Wow! this is brilliant, how can I thank you!

  • This software is licenced under GPL, but if you want to send me millions of dollars, then sure thing, just email me at pldaniels@pldaniels.com

Bleah! this sucked... nothing like what I wanted...

  • I wrote this software for my own use, and found it quite a time saving device, as time goes on I will add more features, such as the ability for simple javascripting [ala mouseOver/Out button changing etc]. However, until then, Im just presenting this software to the community as a way of giving something back for all that I have taken.

    If you don't like it, or it doesn't suit you... tough :)


In its current for jslice is exceptionally ALPHA code, I make no promises that it'll work on your system, nor will I promise that it will produce HTML tables/pages as you so wish.... in fact, I make no promises what so ever.