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PPPDropper is a small utility I wrote to allow me to come up with a form of "semi-demand" dialing. PPPDropper will allow you to drop a ppp connection on the basis of both a IN and OUT bound data rate.

It has been designed to work with the pppsetup package written by Robert S. Liesenfeld, this is what has come with Slackware v7.0.

Requires -
ppp-off located in /usr/sbin/ppp-off
pppstats working and producing useful information :)

So what's changed recently...?

You can see the change log file by clicking here

How does one USE pppdropper?

PPPDropper can be used with the following command line parameters...


(v1.0.0)	  pppdropper -it input threshold -ot output threshhold -t time slice -d ppp device 
[-w <Prewait time(seconds)>][-a AND MODE] [-o OR MODE] [-v VERSION]

(v0.0.3)	  pppdropper -it input threshold -ot output threshhold -t time slice -d ppp device 

(v0.0.2)	pppdropper [inbound threshold] [outbound threshhold] [time in seconds] [pppdevice]

	NOTE - Device will default to /dev/ppp0 if not specified.

ie, if I want the ppp line to drop when the inbound AND outbound traffic drops below 2Kbyte per 30 seconds, one would use the following...

	pppdropper -it 2048 -ot 2048 -t 30 -d /dev/ppp0 -a

else if you wish the line to drop when the input drops below 10K per 30 sec, OR the output drops below 3K per 30 sec on the /dev/ppp3 device... BUT wait at least 5 minutes (300 seconds) on startup

	pppdropper -it 10240 -ot 3072 -t 30 -w 300 -d /dev/ppp3 -o

Currently I place pppdropper in my /etc/ppp/ip-up script, so that I know that my line will be dropped in the event that I go wandering away in the great search for food/coffee/money/whatever... ie, my current line is/was

	pppdropper -it 1024 -ot 1024 -t 300 -d /dev/ppp0 -a &
which gives me 5 minutes of idle [at worst] before the line will yank itself off and save me a huge phone bill :) NOTE my inclusion of the '&', this is because currently pppdropper does NOT automatically detatch and go to background.

  • Download pppdropper 1.0.0
  • Download pppdropper 0.0.3
  • Download pppdropper 0.0.2
  • Download pppdropper 0.0.1
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