Welcome to SignatureDB.


  • 10/03/2001 - Just assembling WWW site, will put software package for download up soon.

What is SignatureDB? It's very similar to an AntiVirus program/database in operation, except for the following key areas...

  • Its purpose is to provide signatures/fingerprints of common, annoying emails/files, not specifically viruses.
  • It is maintained by the OpenSource group
  • It is a "free" program
  • It is NOT intended (at this point) to replace your AntiVirus software
  • It is designed to compliment it by extending the scope of files/emails which can be detected as non-desirable.
  • You can contribute by emailing your signatures to here

SignatureDB has been designed with the operations of XaMime, Inflex and AMaViS Email scanners in mind. SignatureDB can of course be used with other systems if desired.