Save time and money with your board repairs
FlexBV interlinks boardviews and schematics saving you the hassle of manually cross-referencing, to provide a smoother repair process, leaving you to keep your mind focused on finding the fault.

"Switching to FlexBV will recoup the cost of its licence within a single business day"

How does it work?
Previously most boards only required schematics to assist with repairs, the parts were labelled on the PCB silkscreen and the board was the literal boardview. Over time with increasing part densities silk screening became impractical and now frequently non-existent on devices such as Macbook and iPhone boards.

To faciliate locating and identifying parts, boardview files are now generated; a modern replacement for the silkscreen layer of past with the immediate advantage of being able to locate the part quickly instead of manual visual searching.

FlexBV ties together the logical schematic representation and the new boardview files, in to a visual cross referenced system making it extremely easy to see the correlation between the schematic, parts, nets and board

Who is it meant for?
  • You're a professional repair agent who performs board level electronics repairs on devices with access to boardviews and schematics
  • You're part of an assembly or rework team with an in-house, or contracted system
  • You currently use OpenBoardView, or Landrex but want the PDF cross referencing
Licence and cost?
  • FlexBV is licenced on a per concurrent user model, much like a printed copy of a book.
  • FlexBV costs $79 USD per licence and is a perpetual licence of the last validily downloaded version within 12 months of the original purchase
  • FlexBV upgrades after 12 months can be purchased at a discounted rate for existing licence holders
Use it for third-party board repairs
FlexBV supports numerous boardview formats so that you can diagnose & repair existing machines and boards.
Use it for your in-house boards
With FlexBV's support of Fabmaster (FAB), Hyperlynx (HYP), Altium Designer / Protel (PCB/PCBDoc), IPC-D-356(A), and GenCAD (CAD), you can provide boardview files for support agents without having to release the full intellectual property or propriatory design details contained within your master files. EaglePCB, KiCAD, OrCAD and Altium all support export to at least one of the formats that FlexBV will read. More formats are constantly being added!
How does it compare?

Cost $79 USD, with 12 months of free updates N/A N/A
Licence type Per concurrent seat licence, perpetual Closed Open Source
Internet connectivity required? No No No
Cross Platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) Yes No Yes
Supported file formats brd1Allegro binary BRD not supported, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, cad, fzNo key required, fab, hyp, odb2Single file format exported from OrCAD. Different to odb++, GenCAD, Altium Designer / Protel*ASCII/plain-text export, IPC-D-356[A] brd1 brd1, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, cad, fz3FZ decoding key required, not supplied
Board Annotations Yes No Yes
Open Source Contributor Yes No Yes
PDF Cross Referencing Yes No No
Eagle PCB export / Fabmaster support Yes No No
Hyperlynx support Yes No No
Part Finder Yes No No
Job tracking Yes No No
PCB Theme Engine Yes No No
  • Supported operating systems
    • Windows 7, 8 and 10
    • macOS Yosemite (10.10) or more recent (Retina mode supported)
    • Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or more recent
  • Perpetual ownership licence; your downloaded copy will not expire
  • No internet connectivity required; maintain your security!
  • No installation required; run directly from the unpacked download
  • Forum and email support available
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  1. No Schematics or boardviews are supplied with FlexBV - it is a tool used to work with your own existing files

  2. All sales are final
    If you are unsure, trial OpenBoardView before you purchase FlexBV

  3. If you do not like these policies then please do not purchase this software

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FlexBV $79 USD

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