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Status Updates:
  • 29/05/2024: 8x2 CoG displays and connectors finally arrived - onward with more production!
  • 27/05/2024: More displays for the USB-C meters to arrive ~ Wednesday 29/5/2024
  • 17/05/2024: Ring light parts all here and production has resumed

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PLD-USBCM63: USB-C Volt/Current meter
Robust inline USB-C meter with PC data link and external power.
  • Supports new 28V USB-C levels and bidirectional
  • Onboard LCD display showing volts, amps, and direction
  • PC Data link and power via USB-Mini connector for robustness
  • OSD shows volts/current graph with high sample rate (~20sps) to catch transient glitches
  • Is always on, no need to plug in to the device, or wonder if it's working
  • Does not interfere with the USB-C current draw value because it sources power via the USB-Mini lead
  • No need for DC PSU any more for most tasks with everything using USB-C converter cables
    • Macbooks via USB-C
    • iPhones via Lightning
    • Magsafe 1, 2 and 3
    • PC Laptops using multi-connector lead
    • USB Mini, and Micro available too for Android phones
    • ... and probably more. Won't be long before your DCPSU is nothing more than for injection shorts-finding!
  • What's included?
    • USB-C Meter, shrinkwrapped
    • USB-A to Mini lead for data & power for the meter
    • OSD software download (Win and linux)
  • What do you have to supply?
    • USB C power brick ( we like the Apple ones )
    • USB C to USB C cable ( again, the Apple ones seem good )
    • USB C to ... what ever connector you need

PLD-MSLED6: Microscope Ring Light
A superior microscope ring light that fixes issues commonly encountered with brand-name offerings
  • Narrow body for more upright hot-air wand positioning
  • Very high 97CRI for vastly improved colour rendering
  • Diffuse LEDs to reduce point-light glare
  • Brightness adjust and on/off in single button with brightness setting memory
  • No flickering even at low brightness levels
  • Required 24V 1A DC supply via DC Jack (2.1mm pin)
  • Supplied with heatsink and mounting ring
  • Suits 48mm mounting
  • What's included
    • Ring light with barlow adapter and installed heatsink
  • What do you have to supply?
    • 24V DC power, 1A suggested, with DC Jack, center-positive (2.1mm pin)
  • Other resources

Ringlight + International Power pack
Please note: the power brick requires a standard IEC-plug cable for operation, the same sort you likely have dozens of lying around.

Need both Ring light and USB-C meter?