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    XamimeLT is a solution to the problem of scanning emails which are passing through your server, both local and outbound.

    XamimeLT is an OpenSource solution provided to the community by PLDaniels (Software), the developers of many other OpenSource projects and the Commercial Xamime content-control software.

    XamimeLT give to you the ability to block or pass email based on any set of tests you choose, varying from Virus scans to Email text content. XamimeLT can do this because it unpacks all email sent through it in such a way that normal UNIX tests can be performed to determine the nature of the email.

    The need for a system as XamimeLT arose out of the need to be able to tightly control and filter emails at a central location, existing scanning systems could only scan local mail. Local mail only scanning is a serious limitation when a corporation is trying to prevent unwanted email from getting out to the world.

    XamimeLT's ability to scan for arbitary file names and types allows administrators to react instantly to virus threats which may not yet be detectable in antivirus packages [typical delays between virus deployment and antivirus updates can be as long as 48 hours, more than ample to cause an entire network to be crippled].

    Xamime commercial balance

    XamimeLT is associated with the commercial Xamime both in name and in sharing of core technologies.

    Both XamimeLT and Xamime use the ripMIME, alterMIME, MailFeeder and other source bases, however, Xamime is a compiled binary executable, where as XamimeLT is a shell script.

    Both systems have their strengths, the key is for you to select the one appropriate for your needs.

    If you are after a system that offers a WWW interface, long term and dynamic, on the fly storage options, per user or domain rules, multiple adminstrators and users, then consider looking at the commercial Xamime.

    More information about Xamime (commercial)