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Broken Macbook PC Laptop, Gaming console or electronics? We can fix that.
Located in Australia with over 30 years of repair experience in the electronics and IT. Globally recognised for ground-breaking work in the field of repair tooling software and hardware.
The only Australian repair shop trusted by the Rossmann Repair Group of the United States.
Logicboard Repair, what is it?
Your local store may conclude that your device requires a "logicboard repair"; this refers to the circuit board that makes up the bulk of your device, it is frequently the most expensive component, and furthermore it is frequently now the location of where your data is being retained.
Frequent causes of Logicboard failure:
Reasons to perform Logicboard Repair:
The best chance is the first chance
One of the key elements to a successful repair is to ensure your machine gets in to the right hands the first time. Many devices that could have been successfully recovered are lost to prior mishandling and erroneous repair attempts. A recurring real world example is the Macbook Pro A1990 and A2141 where many people have lost their data due to inexperienced technicians.
First, do no harm
To ensure the best chance of repair is preserved, the overarching principle driving the repair methods is to err on the side of caution as the first choice. There are many risky "cure all" repair options that are touted as easier but rarely yield productive outcomes, those are left for the very end, if ever at all.
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Frequently Requested Services
(Guideline pricing only, subject to variation based on actual requirements)
***Free return postage for Australian jobs up to 5kg packed
Nintendo Switch & Lite broken ports$129 AUD
XBox & PlayStation HDMI ports$179 AUD
Macbook Magsafe 1/2 series Logicboard repair$229 AUD
Macbook USB-C series Logicboard repair / M-Air $329 AUD
Macbook Magsafe 3 series Logicboard repair / M-Pro$379 AUD
PC Laptop Logicboard repair$229~399 AUD
Note: Additional costs for special parts and/or non-logicboard repairs may apply
Note: All jobs carry a $75 AUD minimum fee for bench/diagnostics time and domestic return P&P
Send your device in for repair
  1. Submit a repair request and we'll reply back with a JobID or requesting more information
  2. Box it & ship it to us with the JobID provided
  3. We repair your device and ship it back to you
B2B / Business pricing?
Bulk lot pricing is offered at 3 concurrent units (10%) and 5 or more concurrent units (20%)
Unsure about something? Check the FAQ, Send an email or SMS 0450 455 223 (AU)