What devices do you repair?
Macbooks, PC Laptops, iPhones and iPads are the main product lines being repaired with the majority focus on Macbooks for data recovery or full repairs. Other small electronic devices may also be repaired depending on availability of parts and information/data.
How does this process work?
Fill out the form and wait for us to contact you with either further questions of a Job ID. When you have the job ID you can then send in your device. We will provide you with an estimate after we've received it. You do not pay until the service is complete.
How much will the repair cost?
The front page of our site lists the costs of typical jobs. When you have submitted your repair request form we can provide a better estimate. You are not obligated to proceed with the job if you change your mind prior to us commencing the repair work.
How much is return shipping?
Return shipping in Australia is free. International shipping will be quoted based on the device/weight.
Where do I send my device to?
We accept mail-ins with a valid Job-ID. Please ensure your Job-ID is marked on the outside. The address is as follows.

PLDaniels Repairs
42 Faull St
Grand Secret, 4820
QLD, Australia

SMS/Mobile: 0450 455 223
Email: repairs@pldaniels.com