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Macbook BRD format file with associated PDF schematic

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OpenBoardData coverage indicated in green for 820-00165 board

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What about the boardviews?
Device TypeAvailability
MacbookAlmost no limit on the availability of Macbook boardviews and schematics. Easily available at no cost from places such as Badcaps.Net for no cost, just sign up and download. New Macbook boards routinely uploaded
iPhones/iPadsMany of the older iPhones currently available in BRD or BVR format from Badcaps.Net. There are various projects in the works to provide more recent versions up to and including the iPhone 12.
Android phones/tabletsNot as common to find as the iPhone/iPads but there is some availability
PC LaptopsIn most cases Badcaps will have any available boardviews accessible. Sometimes you'll have to make a specific request in the Schematic Requests section and if someone has one they'll provide it
PC DesktopsThere are large collections from some brands such as MSI and ASUS but the general availability of them is less common than PC Laptops. A lot of boards are provided as CAD (GenCAD) files which FlexBV supports.
Other consumer electronicsCurrently we don't see a lot of devices with boardviews & schematics being offered, but you can always try ask the manufacturer if they can supply a limited GenCAD export ( top and bottom layers only ) as well as the schematic, though with the current commercial mentalities the chances are sadly quite low
How does it compare?

Cost $147.00 USD. Updates for purchased licence version free (ie, V5) N/A N/A
Licence type Per concurrent seat licence, perpetual Closed Open Source
Support Direct email for 12 months None Github Issues
Internet connectivity required? No No No
Cross Platform (Windows, macOS, Linux) Yes No Yes
OpenBoardData Support Yes No No
Supported file formats brd1Allegro binary BRD not supported, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, bvre, cad, fzNo key required, fab, hyp, odb2Single file format exported from OrCAD. Different to odb++, GenCAD, Altium Designer / Protel*ASCII/plain-text export, IPC-D-356[A] brd1 brd1, bdv, cst, asc, bvr, bvr2, cad, fz3FZ decoding key required, not supplied
Board Annotations Yes No Yes
Open Source Contributor Yes No Yes
PDF Cross Referencing Yes No No
Part Finder Yes No No
Job tracking Yes No No
PCB Theme Engine Yes No No

GenCAD support with defined pad & part outlines