Upgrade licence cost: $67.00 USD per licence

Overview of Changes from V4/R14xx

Your licence upgrade will apply immediately after successful payment.

Read these important legal points before purchasing
  1. No Schematics or boardviews are supplied with FlexBV.
    FlexBV is a tool used to work with your own existing files. See this page for some suggestions on where to obtain boardviews and schematics.

  2. All sales are final, no refunds!
    If you are unsure, trial OpenBoardView before you upgrade FlexBV.
    PayPal will not issue a refund. The legal terms & conditions set out by this upgrade agreement are such that by purchasing a licence you have agreed to this.

  3. If you do not like these policies then please do not upgrade this software. Software licences are not refundable; it does not matter if you change your mind or if you did not exercise due diligence for the product suitability.

  4. If you are unsure, ask questions first by contacting us via email.
    FlexBV is used daily here in our own workshop for repairs and among thousands of other workshops around the world, this is a product that has been developed by techs for techs. We are not trying to sell you something that is not what it claims to be. Ask us if you have any uncertainties because that is a lot less trouble than suffering buyer's remorse later, for all parties involved ( including us! ).

After paying for the licence upgrade, you should be returned to the success page and be provided with your licence information. Additionally a copy of the licence information will be emailed to your PayPal email address.

In order to upgrade, we need to validate that you understand the terms and conditions and what is provided when you upgrade a licence of FlexBV.

What is included...

  • Single seat licence of FlexBV application
  • Email support for 12 months
  • Upgrade access for the current version series (v5.xxxx)
What is NOT included...

  • Boardview files
  • Schematic files
  • Board repair / diagnostic help

Purchase Step 1: Existing licence details required...

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Email Address: