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    • Note: English is the only supported language
    • For all enquries, in please email Support
    • Please allow up to one (1) working day for a response
    • If you have not received a response within a business day check your spam filter
    • Alternatively try contacting support via Discord or even Facebook
    • If you're having trouble loading a file, please send through a copy of the file so we can examine it
    • Please don't use PayPal disputes for support requests
  • FAQ
    • Where are the boardviews?
      A: Boardviews and schematics are not legally able to be distributed because they are not our intellectual property. Fortunately there are several websites/forums that can supply boardviews to you such as Badcaps Forums
    • There's no boardviews, I want a refund!
      A: It's clearly indicated in multiple places prior to purchase that boardviews and schematics are not included; there's also the 10-Day Demo and the Free edition of FlexBV for you to try before purchasing. PayPal will not refund your purchase because the product is clearly described.
    • What's the best way to organise my boardviews?
      A: It's strongly recommended that each boardview is kept within its own folder along with its same-named schematic PDF. ie,
      c:\boardviews\820-00165 folder
      	c:\boardviews\820-00165\820-00165.brd  (boardview)
      	c:\boardviews\820-00165\820-00165.pdf  (schematic)
      Using this organisation style will result in the automagical association of boardview to the schematic and will make syncing with OBData easier too.
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    Boardview and schematics are the intellectual property of their respective owners. "Paul L Daniels" and FlexBV does not endorse or distribute the contents of any of the following sites.

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