Need the features of FlexBV but can live without the extra features?




What is FlexBV Free Edition?

A real replace a old broken programs like OpenBoardview, Landrex, and boardviewer.exe. FlexBV Free which replace all the others and give you access to the database of information for common boards.

What's included?
  • All the same boardview file support as the full professional FlexBV licence
  • Available on Windows, macOS and Linux
  • No invasive "phone home" or spying crap
  • Written in English
What's missing compared to full professional FlexBV licence?
  • Schematic (PDF) search/coupling
  • Part find (PDF)
  • Butterfly view
  • Stencil layer
  • Email support
  • OBData submission
  • Multimeter data capture
  • Jobs
What about the boardviews?
  • For legal reasons boardviews and schematics are not able to be bundled with FlexBV as much as we wish we could but they are readily available and you're not limited to what ever would have been bundled. If you can find the boardview and the schematic PDF then you can add it to FlexBV (most common formats supported).

Lenovo laptop boardview in Teboview format on FlexBV Free